Bargus Ham-Fist

Emberwood Smithy


Commoner MM p345.


Bargus Ham-Fist is a Blacksmith living in Emberwood. He runs the shop, Ham-Fist Smithing, that his father before him ran and his father before him ad nauseum. While incredibly creative and talented in Smithy he lacks imagination and inspiration in all other aspects of life. His shop is one of the first shops you will see upon entering the town from its main southern gate. He has a wife- Harval Ham-Fist nee Feather-Foot. He has a son and daughter Bargus and Bargal who have not been named yet. Bargus will likely be Ham-Fist as he is his father’s apprentice. Bargal is having more trouble. She’d like to be Night-Eyes but her parents do not approve of this lifestyle.

Bargus makes a decent living repairing gear for travellers and forging parts for transport. He is recently distraught like the rest of the town that there is a ‘curse’ and there are fewer and fewer travellers.

Bargus , being an elf, is not as large as you’d expect a blacksmith to be. He has reddish brown hair and brown eyes.
He is kind. Bargus does not like rogues. His daughter will have trouble maintaining a peaceful relationship with him if she chooses to be Night-Eyes.

Bargus Ham-Fist

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