Rhannu is a small planet with big problems. Every race and country has a word and a legend for ‘the Divide.’

The landmass of Rhannu began as a pangaea covering the equator with large round oceans at the top and bottom of the world. While the races did live in groups, the entirety of Rhannu was governed from one city: The Heart of Rhannu.

All the legends about the Heart of Rhannu agree that the city fell and the inhabitants of Rhannu were forced to find their own space and govern themselves. Most legends have it that some time after the fabled city fell earthquakes began to crumble Rhannu at its equator. The Divide began.

Over the years the Divide has progressed, slowly creating two continents:Boreia and Soder. The ocean is mostly encompassing the equator in present times. The two continents touch in very few spots. And there are places where the land seems to form stalactites and stalagmites- almost as if reaching for the old days when the world was united.


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