Fluvinium is a Human country on the continent Boreia.

The shape of Fluvinium is mostly dictated by geographical features. There are two rivers, Fluva Glace and Fluva Ignis, that frame its west and east borders. They meet at the southern point of Fluvinium. Fluvinium’s northern border is known to Fluvinis as The Wall. The Wall is a forbidding mountain range with very little in it save creatures and foolhardy adventurers.

Capell is Fluvinium’s largest and most important city. Termins is a large border town nestled between Fluva Ignis and Fluvins Ignis. Barvella and Fluvan are also known but only because they are on main roads.

Beside its geographical borders, Fluvinium’s most notable feature is a large sea taking up most of the middle of the country. This sea is known as The Still. It is mostly an undisturbed body of water in the center of a large, Wood Elf inhabited forest known as The Still Forest with one island south of its center. Little is known about the island except that it houses a monastery where monks closely follow the prophesy of the Pureborn.


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